From October 2022, Gonnie is leads the Impact, Learning and Development function at WBA, which she has co-founded. She has led WBA’s operations, including Communications, HR, Finance, and IT until she stepped into her new role. She is fascinated by human development in relation to sustainability and energised by the role of organisations and businesses in creating a world that works for everyone. She has gained experience in communications, social innovation, CSR, and HR with a focus on organisational and leadership development in multiple organisations and this experience set the basis for her work at WBA. Before joining WBA, she started her own little organisation, RabbleInc., and besides WBA, she also holds a few board functions.

Gonnie loves finding the essence of why things work, and her enthusiasm for her new role is fuelled by connecting the impact and learning of WBA’s work, to the learning and development for the people who make WBA, WBA.

Working at WBA allows her to create an organisation and a movement that contributes to a world that works for everyone.

Besides building WBA from scratch, Gonnie is most proud of being the driving force behind the new world of work transition at Microsoft in The Netherlands.

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