Emir joined WBA as a research analyst in August 2022. He is currently a member of finance team, specifically working on the first launch of the Financial System Benchmark.  

Prior to joining WBA, he became part of Junior Researcher Programme to review the policy documents to investigate which of the social determinants of mental health are being addressed by different European municipalities and how. Also, he worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Amsterdam to systematically review the psychological antecedents of pro-environmental behaviour. During his studies, he noticed that nudging individuals to change their behaviour will not be impactful enough as individual-level factor alone cannot explain the drivers of climate change and unsustainable lifestyles. On the other hand, he believes that private sector is instrumental for the SDGs as they are agile and can engage in systemic, high-impact actions that are beyond individual behavioural change. Therefore, he aspired to join a community to create a more tangible impact. 

He graduated with a Double Major degree in Business Administration and Psychology from Koc University. He later obtained his Psychology Research Master’s degree at the University of Amsterdam.  

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