Supply chain impact in the food and agriculture sector: A call for consultation on measuring and evaluating the supply chain impact of keystone companies in East Africa and South and South-east Asia

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A call for consultation

Together with the support of the IKEA Foundation, we have initiated a project to explore the linkages between companies’ performance on material sustainability topics and their subsequent impact on the ground at the local level.

This project dives deeper into the supply chain impact of a selection of the 350 food and agriculture keystone companies, based on the significance of their footprint in East Africa and South and South-east Asia. These regions were chosen because of their centrality in the global food system and the need to embrace a global transformational agenda. Moreover, while interest in the sustainability performance of companies’ own operations is well established in research and policy, it is only in recent years that this has extended to companies’ supply chains. However, the availability of data in this area remains limited.

This paper outlines our intended approach and we welcome additional input from stakeholders on the proposed approach and methodology. We also present four key consultation questions and seek explicit input throughout the paper.

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