Scoping Report for the 2020 Digital Inclusion Benchmark

In our consultation phase one of the questions we asked stakeholders was to priotise the industries and SDGs. Among the outcomes of the consultations was a broad consensus around the cross-cutting role of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry in helping to deliver most, if not all, the SDGs.

Unfortunately, as it stands, benefits from information and communications technology are not equally enjoyed across countries, regions and people from different walks of life, hampering the potential of these technologies to advance the SDGs. While individual companies are taking steps to foster greater access to information and communications technologies in a number of ways, there are no systematic or transparent mechanisms to track and compare these efforts across the ICT industry. There is a need for a global, company-level benchmark that measures corporate contributions towards digital inclusion.

This scoping report outlines a conceptual framework for measuring company-level contributions to digital inclusion, reviews current approaches, compares related benchmarking initiatives, identifies the gaps, and proposes potential industries and companies to cover under the WBA Digital Inclusion Benchmark.

If you have any feedback or questions please reach out to Lourdes Montenegro.

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