The second consultation phase of the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark’s methodology review

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The second and final consultation phase for the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark’smethodology review is now open until 25th June, 2021. 

Thank you to everyone that has provided their valuable feedback over the last year – we couldn’t have done it without you.

The review process so far

Between May and July of 2020, we held our first consultation phase. This included a literature review, regional and multi-stakeholder webinars, and a public questionnaire. Since then, we’ve collated the feedback and held a series of internal workshops alongside the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark methodology committee.

Second consultation – seeking comments on the revised set of indicators   

Unlike the first phase of consultations where we asked for open-ended feedback, we’re now seeking more targeted feedback on the wording and framing of the new and revised indicators. Once finalised, this methodology will be used to assess hundreds of the world’s largest companies on their human rights performances in the fifth iteration of our Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, which will be published in 2022.   

See our overview document for the proposed changes, as well as more context on the methodology review process.

See our excel sheet for the full list of new and revised indicators.

How to send your feedback 

Please write any feedback in column N of the relevant tabs in the excel sheet send it to no later than 25th June, 2021.   


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