Methodology for the 2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark

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The Food and Agriculture Benchmark measures and ranks 350 of the world’s most influential food and agriculture companies on their contributions to transforming our global food system. The benchmark builds upon existing frameworks and targets to holistically assess companies from farm to fork on their environmental, nutritional and social impact.

This is the methodology for the 2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark, the second time WBA will assess the performance of 350 of the largest and most influential food and agriculture companies along the food value chain. The 2023 methodology builds upon the 2021 version, ensuring a meaningful assessment of progress in the sector.

We are committed to continuing to work with our Allies across the stakeholder ecosystem to ensure standards improve over time, align with the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and that corporate sustainability data remains a public good. Our methodologies serve as road maps to set out what good looks like based on societal expectations and the latest scientific research. It is therefore vital that our methodologies are continuously updated to ensure they are relevant and to increase alignment and coherence with other benchmarks and reporting frameworks – within WBA and beyond – to ensure complementarity.

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