Draft Methodology for the Nature Benchmark

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With biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation occurring at a rate unparalleled, it has never been more urgent for society and the economy to adopt a nature-positive approach.

In 2021, we identified a need to expand WBA’s scope of the circular transformation to cover nature and biodiversity too, as a recognition of the need for greater understanding, transparency and accountability of business impact on our environment. The newly created nature transformation aims to examine how the impacts of companies contribute to stable and resilient ecosystems which enable humanity and nature to co-exist within planetary boundaries on biodiversity, climate, land, oceans and water.

In 2022, WBA’s Nature Benchmark will start to assess the 1,000 most influential companies across 22 industries on their contributions to stable and resilient ecosystems through adequate governance, biodiversity and environmental management, while considering social inclusion and community impact. The first iteration of the benchmark is planned for publication in November 2022.

This draft methodology has sought to build on existing nature standards and best practice whilst also recognising and trying to fill some of the gaps. It is designed to incentivise companies to start taking action to understand where biodiversity risks are highest and act quickly to halt damaging trends.

From 12 January to 2 March 2022, WBA is holding a public consultation on the draft methodology. With this publication, we seek additional input from stakeholders on the methodology for the benchmark. We invite you to provide written feedback by filling in the feedback form before 2 March 2022.

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In March 2022 we will organise a series of virtual roundtables as part of the public consultation to give inputs on the draft methodology.

In order to register, please do so directly by clicking the link next to your preferred session:

  • Wednesday March 2nd, 8.00-9.30 CET/16.00-17.30 GMT+9 (Japan) – register here
  • Thursday March 3rd, 18.00-19.30 CET/9.00-10.30 PST – register here
  • Tuesday March 8th, 14.00-15.30 CET/8.00-9.30 EST – register here

For any further questions, all stakeholders and individuals are welcome to email us at

Download draft methodology

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