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What is the Collective Impact Coalition (CIC)?

A ‘CIC’ or Collective Impact Coalition is a time-bound, group of different organisations with collective influence to transform companies’ behaviour.

CIC members take coordinated actions to incentivise influential companies to improve their performance. We then measure their progress over time using our benchmarks.

By the next update of the Nature Benchmark in early 2026, we want to see visible progress on the CIC topic.

From Benchmark to action

The Nature Benchmark results so far show us that, despite a few companies leading some action, there’s still a long way to go halt and reverse biodiversity loss.

In order to spur more action, we have formed a Nature Collective Impact Coalition (CIC), which will focus on improving companies’ assessments and disclosure of their impacts and dependencies on nature.

Assessing impacts and dependencies on nature

Nature is the foundation which underpins our economies. Half of global GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature. At the same time, nature is declining at a pace unprecedented in human history. .

Nature loss isn’t only bad for the planet – it also creates risks for business. But, in order to change, companies must first understand their relationship with nature.

The 2022 and 2023 Nature Benchmarks show that at the moment, most companies do not understand and disclose how they affect and rely on nature. Less than 1% of the companies assessed holistically assess and disclose their dependencies on nature, and less than 5% are doing this for their impacts on nature.

Without this assessment, it is difficult for companies to really understand their relationship with nature and transform it to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts. The disclosure of the assessment is important for stakeholders to see if companies are taking the right actions in the right places. Therefore, we see this topic as fundamental to catalyse further effective and impactful action to halt and reverse nature loss.

Objectives of the Nature CIC

The CIC will run through 2024-2025. CIC members will design actions that they feel will help incentivise or push companies to assess and disclose their impacts and dependencies. Based on our previous CICs, possible actions might include:

  • Engaging with companies directly
  • Producing public statements
  • Producing guidance to support company change
  • Engaging with regulators and standard setters

This is the first World Benchmarking Alliance CIC focused on the Nature transformation, but we have already created CICs among the Social, Food and Agriculture and Digital transformations.

Read our first Call to Action

How to join 

If you are interested in joining the Nature CIC, kindly reach out to our Engagement Manager, Melis Ford at You may also view our FAQs for more information.


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