Draft Methodology for the 2022 Financial System Benchmark

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Financial system transformation requires a more sustainable allocation of resources, and a more accurate representation of risks and opportunities, in line with planetary boundaries and social conventions. The Financial System Benchmark aims to assist with this transformation by assessing the 400 most influential financial institutions in the world on their readiness to revert our current unsustainable trajectory.

This draft methodology brings together the key topics and issues on which society expects financial institutions to take action. It describes the necessity for a financial system benchmark, presents the draft indicators along with the rationale for each issue, outlines proposed approaches to scoring and weighting of the measurement areas and sets out provisional timelines for data collection and publication. WBA methodologies and benchmarks serve as both roadmaps and accountability mechanisms for the private sector, highlighting where practice is lagging and, where possible, setting out the steps they can take to meet the needs and expectations of stakeholders.

From 17 June 2021 to 6 September 2021, WBA is holding a public consultation on the draft methodology. With this publication, we seek additional input from stakeholders on the methodology for the benchmark.

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And we welcome you to participate in a series of virtual roundtables throughout July to give inputs on the draft methodology.

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