2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark Insights Report


The World Benchmarking Alliance’s 2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark assessed the performance of 350 most influential companies in the food and agriculture sector.

This insights report delves into our key findings in more detail and provides insights into the results and trends of the companies assessed. 

Overall, the results show that: 

  • Company performance is severely lagging behind the level of action required to transform global food systems. 
  • However, there are promising signs that substantial progress is possible. Some companies stand out in their performance and provide valuable opportunities for peer learning. 
  • While we see companies improving on topics such as regenerative agriculture, setting scope 3 emission targets, or preventing forced labour, most companies lack tangible action supported by target setting and reporting progress. 
  • Across all companies from farm to fork, there is a critical lack of evidence regarding how companies are addressing these issues in their supply chains and collaborating with value chain partners. 
  • Restaurants, food service providers, and animal protein companies, particularly those involved in livestock and poultry production, are the lowest performers, showing significant gaps in transparency and sustainability disclosure. 
  • Looking across regions, companies headquartered in Latin America, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa show lower sustainability disclosure levels than those headquartered in Europe, East Asia and Pacific, North America, and the Middle East and North Africa. 


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