Benchmark results

2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark and 2023 Nature Benchmark

We assessed 350 of the world’s most influential food and agriculture companies to ensure the industry is held accountable for their impact. The Nature Benchmark ranked companies’ efforts to protect our environment and its biodiversity, whilst the Food and Agriculture Benchmark analysed how companies are improving the healthiness of their food products, providing decent working conditions and managing their climate impact.

How is the industry performing?

Our research shows that many companies still have work to do on their journey towards becoming more sustainable and accountable for their impact. We have summarised the results of the benchmarks in five actionable findings to show what the industry needs to address.

Key findings from the 2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark

  1. Companies are not closing farmers’ living income gaps.
  2. Food companies are not prioritising health.
  3. More companies have set climate targets, but progress remains low.
  4. Regenerative agriculture is gaining traction, except when it comes to input use.
  5. Lack of corporate accountability hinders meaningful change.

Key findings from the 2023 Nature Benchmark

  1. Companies are failing to assess and disclose their impacts and dependencies on nature. 
  2. Halting deforestation: a missed opportunity for climate, people and biodiversity.
  3. Environmental rights are not yet being recognised as human rights.
  4. As water insecurity rises, companies must accelerate their water stewardship.  
  5. Board accountability: more leadership needed at the top.

See the benchmark publications for more insights into the findings, the rankings and detailed information on the company’s performances:


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