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2023 Electric Utilities Insights Report

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The World Benchmarking Alliance Climate and Energy Benchmark measures and ranks the world’s 68 most influential electric utilities companies on their alignment to a low-carbon world. The 2023 benchmark is the third iteration since the benchmark was launched in 2020. The assessment combines the ACT (Assessing low Carbon Transition) Electricity methodology and the WBA social and just transition indicators. This approach provides a holistic assessment of companies’ efforts to achieve a low-carbon transition that is just and equitable.

In addition to the 68 electric utilities companies 11 capital goods companies, including manufacturers of renewable generation technologies and integrated companies, have been included to a snapshot of the sectoral value chain. This assessment is a first look into the climate performance of companies that provide electricity generation technologies to EU companies, as well as are involved in solutions for renewable generation, transmission & distribution, energy storage and digitalisation. The integration of these companies allows for a deeper analysis of the sectoral value chain of the electricity system. The capital goods companies have been assessed using the ACT Generic methodology.

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