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2022 Corporate Human Rights Benchmark data set

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On 21 November 2022, we published the fifth iteration of Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, assessing 127 of the world’s most influential companies from the food and agricultural products, ICT and automotive manufacturing sectors on their human rights performance.

This data sheet contains information on the scores of each of these companies, also at an indicator level. Individual company results are also available in the format of company scorecards, which also contain detailed assessments.

Update on 6 July 2023

Companies have an opportunity to appeal their scores when they feel that there has been a scoring error or misinterpretation of information, as a supplement to the research-cycle engagement. Following the 2022 benchmark, 19 companies submitted an appeal against one or multiple indicators. After a third-party assessment by the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark appeals committee, the appeals of 12 companies were (partially) granted.

The scorecards of the following companies have been updated to reflect their adjusted scores:

This Corporate Human Rights Benchmark 2022 data set and ranking have therefore been updated to reflect the changes in score that resulted from the granted appeals.

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