2021 Seafood Stewardship Index Insights Report

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By supporting the employment of more than 600 million people and providing 20% (up to 50% in certain countries) of animal protein and essential micronutrients for over 3 billion people, the seafood industry is a key sub-sector of the food industry and the ocean economy. It is therefore concerning that the seafood industry’s activities are linked to a number of environmental and social impacts that jeopardise, not only its own economic sustainability, but the futures of millions of people.

Multinational companies throughout the value chain dominate the seafood industry. With an estimated revenue of USD 70 billion, the 30 seafood companies assessed by the Seafood Stewardship Index represent a significant share of the global seafood market.

The second iteration of the index, published in October 2021, included individual company scores, a ranking and key findings. This insights report provides additional analysis and insights of companies’ efforts to contribute to various aspects of sustainable and responsible seafood including: social responsibility, environmental sustainability, traceability, illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, and governance.

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