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ZIM Integrated Shipping Services

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services is a publicly listed company headquartered in Israel. In 2021 its revenue was USD 10.73 billion. ZIM was established in 1945 to transport immigrants and supplies from Europe to the newly established state of Israel. Now it is the 10th largest shipping company by cargo capacity in the world. It was state-owned until its privatisation in 2004.

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#47 /90
Total score
19.2 /100

14.6 /60
Core social indicators
4.0 /20
Just transition
0.6 /20

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Performance score
4.2 /20
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9.0 /100 #54

Material investment

42.9 /100 #9

Intangible investment

5.0 /100 #24

Sold products



37.4 /100 #47

Supplier engagement

0.0 /100 #70

Client engagement

17.5 /100 #46

Policy engagement

15.0 /100 #47

Business model

3.8 /100 #43

ACT assessment

Leading practice

No leading practices were identified for this company.

Risks and opportunities


ZIM receives a trend score of =. If the company were reassessed in the near future, its score would likely remain the same. ZIM successfully decreased its emissions intensity over the last five years at a rate faster than required by its 1.5°C pathway . The company has set a long-term and an interim decarbonisation target. However, the company’s targets do not match the ambition of its 1.5°C pathway. ZIM has implemented board-level oversight of climate change and has developed a transition plan. However, the transition plan lacks detail and financial commitments.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

Social assessment

Just transition assessment

Social dialogue and stakeholder engagement

No evidence was found of the company’s commitment to social dialogue or of the categories of stakeholders the company engages with on a just transition. Furthermore, no evidence was found to demonstrate the company’s ongoing social dialogue and meaningful engagement with affected stakeholders. No evidence was found of the company undertaking low-carbon transition planning to mitigate the social impacts of the transition on workers, affected stakeholders and its business relationships. Additionally, no evidence was found to demonstrate the company’s engagement in social dialogue or engagement with stakeholders in its just transition planning.

Core social assessment

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Haïfa, Israel
USD 10.73 billion
Publicly listed