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Bolloré is a publicly listed company headquartered in France. In 2020 the group’s revenue was USD 27.5 billion. Founded in 1822, the Bolloré Group is one of the 500 largest companies in the world operating in over 100 countries. Its logistics subsidiary offers multimodal transport, trade compliance, contract logistics, global supply chain, industrial projects and e-commerce services.

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#29 /90
Total score
28.6 /100

21.1 /60
Core social indicators
5.0 /20
Just transition
2.5 /20

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Performance score
4.8 /20
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15.6 /100 #36

Material investment

0.0 /100 #53

Intangible investment

35.0 /100 #3

Sold products

2.8 /100 #17


55.2 /100 #23

Supplier engagement

33.3 /100 #24

Client engagement

50.0 /100 #15

Policy engagement

50.0 /100 #5

Business model

12.5 /100 #15

ACT assessment

Leading practices

No leading practices were identified for the company

Risks and opportunities


Bolloré receives a trend score of -. If the company were reassessed in the near future, its score would likely decrease. Bolloré has not decreased its emissions between 2018 and 2020 at the rate required by its 1.5°C pathway. The company has no long-term or intermediate targets. There is no evidence of strong financial commitment to decarbonisation. The company’s scope 3 data has gaps and thus, global averages are used to calculate emissions. Additionally, the company has signed an agreement to sell 100% of Bolloré Africa Logistics (shipping and rail), to the Mediterranean Shipping Company.

Progress towards the Paris Agreement

Social assessment

Just transition assessment

Core social assessment

More about the company

Puteaux, France
USD 27.48 billion
Publicly listed