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The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) was launched in 2018 because we believe that there needs to be real change in the way that business impact is measured to boost motivation and stimulate action towards a sustainable future for everyone.

WBA identified seven transformations that need to take place to put society and the worldwide economy on a more sustainable path to achieve the SDGs. To turn these transformations into action, WBA will develop, in close collaboration with the Alliance, a series of benchmarks assessing 2,000 of the world’s most influential companies. The benchmarks will rank and measure the companies on their contributions to the SDGs and the data will be freely available to everyone.

One of the systems transformations is the Agriculture and food system transformation. WBA is developing a Food and Agriculture Benchmark that will benchmark 300 leading companies across the entirety of the food system, from farm to fork. It will cover multiple dimensions where transformation is needed: sustainable production, healthy diets and nutrition, and social inclusion. As part of this effort, the Seafood Stewardship Index results will spotlight how the world’s leading seafood companies contribute to the sustainable management of our oceans and coastal ecosystems, as well as how they help ensure responsible social practices are implemented across all stages of the supply chain.

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The Seafood Stewardship Index is developed by a core team in close collaboration with a broad group of external stakeholders.

For further information about the Seafood Stewardship Index, please contact Rik Beukers, Lead Research Seafood Stewardship Index.

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WBA launches first of its kind global benchmark ranking seafood companies on their UN SDG impact 

  • Seafood Stewardship Index ranks 30 of the most influential seafood companies in the world.
  • Industry shows broad commitment on sustainability but overall performance needs to improve and more measurable action is needed to meet the SDG agenda.
  • Thai Union Group tops the ranking, followed by Mowi and Charoen Pokphand Foods.

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The Benchmark is made available by the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) on the express understanding that it will be used solely for information purposes. The material contained in the Benchmark should not be construed as relating to accounting, legal, regulatory, tax, research or investment advice and it is not intended to take into account any specific or general investment objectives. The material contained in the Benchmark does not constitute a recommendation to take any action or to buy or sell or otherwise deal with anything or anyone identified or contemplated in the Benchmark. Before acting on anything contained in this material, you should consider whether it is suitable to your particular circumstances and, if necessary, seek professional advice.

As a multi-stakeholder and collaborative foundation, WBA involves members of relevant stakeholder groups in expert review committees. The findings, interpretations and conclusions expressed in the benchmark may not necessarily reflect the views of all involved or the organisations they represent.

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