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Sodial is a dairy cooperative, first formed in 1964 by six French cooperatives looking to expand their operations and markets nationwide. Sodiaal brings together 12,500 milk producers across 71 regions and operationally owns 70 production sites. Among these producers, 3,400 are based in mountainous regions including Aveyron, Loire, Haute-Loire, Puy-de-Dôme and Rhône, giving Sodiaal a unique presence in these areas. The company's portfolio is mainly comprised of cheese, milk, cream and butter products, across subsidiaries including Candia, Entremont and Eurosérum, with markets across Europe and beyond.
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#200 /380
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12.2 /100
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Animal proteins #35
Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #128
Food and agriculture #183
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#1 18.8 /100 #219

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#1 14.9 /100 #122

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#1 5.2 /100 #287
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Paris, France
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Group revenue
USD 5,817,894,737
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