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Groupe Bigard

Founded in 1968, Groupe Bigard is a family-owned French meat processing company. With 54 industrial and commenrcial locations and 30 slaughterhouses across France, Bigard is the biggest beef processor and the third largest meat processor in Europe. processor in the country and one of the largest in Europe. In partnership with CIPA, Bigard exports 65,000 tonnes of produce to Europe, Asia and South America annually, of which 90% are pork products with the remaining made up of beef and poultry. The company also processes leather by-products,supplying 1.3 million skins per year. Groupe Bigard continues to extend its presence in the region, through its recent acquisition of a portion of the activities of the ARCADIE SUD-OUEST group, a prominent local player in quality meats.
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#335 /380
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0.9 /100
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Animal proteins #81
Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #216
Food and agriculture #305
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Quimperlé, France
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USD 5,157,894,737
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