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Givaudan operates across two business divisions, Taste and Wellbeing, and Fragrance and Beauty. It engages in research and development activities into perfumery raw materials, both synthetic and natural. The company’s flavour ingredients are used by customers in a variety of industries and products, including beverages, savoury, snacks, sweet goods and dairy. Givaudan is globally active, with 78 worldwide production sites and a total of 166 operational locations spanning Europe, North and South America and Asia. Givaudan has also completed the acquisition of DDW, the Color House, at the end of 2022, enhancing its portfolio in food flavouring.

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#5 /380
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44.2 /100
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Agricultural products and commodities #1
Food and agriculture #5
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#1 51.3 /100 #16

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#1 30.9 /100 #12

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#1 62.2 /100 #3
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Vernier, Switzerland
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Group revenue
USD 7,491,578,947
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