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Dongwon Enterprise

Dongwon Industries (formerly known as Dongwon Enterprise) conducts business activities in the fields of marine & logistics, processed food, animal feed, construction, and telecommunications. The group was founded in 1969, starting with its marine business, Dongwon Industries, and later diversified in the 1980s with the development of Dongwon Food. Since its acquisition of StarKist, the largest canned tuna brand in the United States, in 2008, Dongwon has been targeting new markets, including Senegal, China, and Japan, as part of its expansion strategy beyond its home market in South Korea. In 2022, Dongwon Industries merged with Dongwon Enterprise.
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#348 /380
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0.5 /100
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Agricultural products and commodities #131
Animal proteins #84
Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #223
Food and agriculture #318
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Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Group revenue
USD 2,421,212,590
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