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Aldi Nord

Aldi Nord operates as a discount supermarket chain in Germany, Denmark, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Benelux. The company has a product portfolio of over 2000 items, most of which are Aldi Nord's own brands. The family business was initially founded in 1913 but split into two separate financial and legal entities in 1961 - ALDI South and ALDI Nord. The two companies operate in separate, non-overlapping geographies.

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#107 /380
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20.9 /100
Industry Rank
Food and beverage manufacturers/processors #69
Food retailers #19
Food and agriculture #97
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#1 23.8 /100 #183

Ecosystems and biodiversity

#1 13.6 /100 #142

Social inclusion and community impact

#1 31.3 /100 #70
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Essen, Germany
Number of employees
Group revenue
USD 26,000,000,000
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