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This measurement area explores the community element of a company’s value chain, which includes communities near a company’s headquarters, offices or retail locations, its supply chain and its broader global footprint.

Company performance averages at 57%, with 29 companies (83%) indicating that they actively support the community to drive gender equality and women’s empowerment.

This measurement area includes the following indicator:

34.  Community support

Twenty-nine companies (83%) have programmes and initiatives which drive gender equality and women’s empowerment among women and girls in the communities where they operate, nearly all of which are recurring or span more than one country. Eighteen companies (51%) track the number of women who benefit from at least one of these programmes.

Only six companies (17%) collect feedback from beneficiaries to inform future programs: Aditya Birla, Associated British Foods (Primark), Gap, Inditex, Kering, LVMH.

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