Working collectively with Allies to drive impact on workforce nutrition

The 350 companies assessed in the Food and Agriculture Benchmark employ 23 million people from across the world, including a further 500 million in their supply chains. Companies therefore have the potential to directly impact the health and wellbeing of a large population.

The Workforce Nutrition Alliance (established by Allies GAIN and the Consumer Goods Forum) provide technical support and the tools and resources for companies to develop programmes, comprised of four pillars:

  1. the delivery of nutrition education,
  2. healthy food at work,
  3. nutrition health checks,
  4. breastfeeding support.

The benchmark findings show that 90 of the 350 companies have one of the four workforce nutrition programs in place, yet none have a comprehensive four pillar strategy. This is an area where companies can rapidly improve their efforts – and that’s why we and the Workforce Nutrition Alliance are working collectively to ensure this. We do this in the following ways:

1. Putting workforce nutrition on the global agenda at the Nutrition4Growth Summit

  • Leveraging the workplace to bring improved nutrition to millions of employee’s
    Date/time: Tuesday 16 November, 10 am CET
    Register here
  • Private sector nutrition action: new data to inform commitments on supply chain workforce nutrition
    Date/time: Tuesday 25 November, 10 am CET
    Register here

2. Informing and empowering companies

3. Mobilising stakeholders to act

  • We are calling on investors to join our efforts to move companies on this issue – get in touch!
    Contact Charlotte Reeves

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