WBA Submits Comment Letters to ISSB on Climate and Sustainability Related Disclosures

The World Benchmarking Alliance and our team of policy experts just released its response to the two public consultations by the IFRS Foundation. We have developed a comment letter which provides in-depth analysis of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) Exposure Draft on Climate-related Disclosures and a response to the Exposure Draft on General Disclosure Requirements, published in March 2022. 

WBA’s responses welcome the work of the ISSB to create international sustainability standards as a fundamental step towards reaching global alignment in sustainability disclosures by companies. As a user of sustainability disclosures for its benchmarks, comparable, reliable, and consistent sustainability reporting is critical for WBA’s work, as it forms the basis of its benchmarks. 

Through benchmarks, sustainability disclosures enable different stakeholder groups, including investors, governments, civil society, and corporate actors themselves, to understand and compare company performances. WBA’s distinctive benchmarks provide an important feedback loop to policy makers on both the state of reporting and of corporate sustainability performance, which can inform policy reviews and governmental measures to improve implementation by regulators. WBA is committed support the work of the ISSB in the most constructive way, building on the insights from the benchmarks in our seven systems transformations. 

The policy recommendations contained in WBA’s comment letter on the climate disclosures draft largely draw upon the Assessing Low-Carbon Transition (ACT) methodologies, and the WBA Climate and Energy Benchmarks, which uses this methodology to assess 450 of the world’s most influential companies in high-emitting sectors like automotive, electric utilities and oil and gas. 

Download comment letter on climate-related disclosures

Read a further comment letter, which includes key recommendations, data insights, and strategic reflections on sustainability-related disclosures.

Download comment letter on sustainability-related disclosures
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