Virtual launch of the 2021 Seafood Stewardship Index

Are the world’s most influential global seafood companies contributing to a sustainable seafood industry?

Tuesday 12 October at 8:50-9:30 CET / 16:50-17:30 JST

Find out at the launch of the second iteration of WBA’s Seafood Stewardship Index, which assesses the 30 largest seafood companies on their social and environmental impact and alignment with the SDGs.

The 2021 Seafood Stewardship Index will be launched at the 2021 Tokyo Sustainable Seafood Summit, an event co-organised and hosted by Seafood Legacy and ESG Nikkei. The theme of this year’s summit is “Build Blue Economy Toward 2030: Changing Japanese Seafood Industry through Digital Transformation and ESG Investment.” The summit is a key moment for Japanese and global stakeholders to review progress on making the industry responsible and sustainable, and set the agenda for the coming year.

This event, moderated by Wakao Hanaoka (CEO of Seafood Legacy), will include a presentation of the key findings and company ranking as well speaking interventions from Tobias Aguirre (CEO of FishWise), François Mosnier (Research Analyst at Planet Tracker) and a benchmarked company (speaker TBC). Following the first iteration of the Seafood Stewardship Index in 2019, do the results show progress and are companies aligning and implementing a sustainable 2030 agenda? We aim to shine a light on the opportunities and challenges of the company’s performance and identify ways for stakeholders to motivate and accelerate private sector impact.

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