Transition to the 1.5°C future: Where do 100 Oil and Gas Companies Stand?

Where do the 100 most influential oil and gas companies stand in the transition to the low-carbon future? Join the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) for a webinar on the key findings from the Oil and Gas Benchmark which will assess the 100 companies on their alignment with a 1.5°C scenario.

The benchmark, launched in partnership with CDP and ADEME, arrives at a critical moment in time when pressure is mounting on the sector to make fundamental changes, including the IEA’s recent call for a rapid transition away from fossil fuels and a period of pivotal legislative and shareholder action against major companies. While industry heavyweights have long expressed their commitment to becoming more environmentally conscious, the benchmark findings reveal a glaring lack of progress and the companies find themselves at a crossroads – transform or be left behind in the race to net-zero.

The event will be moderated by Dustin Liu (U.S. Youth Observer to UN, UN Association of the USA) and feature panel remarks by the International Energy Agency, Government of France, WBA and others.

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