Together, we multiply impact

Since 2009, IDOBRO has curated multiple platforms for knowledge exchange, built the RISE Summit into a global convening and nurtured communities through the RISE Infinity Foundation. Our resultant initiatives have supported over a million individuals, 1000+ Woman Social Green (WSG) entrepreneurs, 750,000 students and 600+ organizations and institutes.

In the past 12 years, Idobro has established itself as a resource for Research, Implementation, stakeholder relations and evaluation with a 360 approach that is based on the belief of an inter-linked and shared world. We have been able to catalyze efforts towards 15 of the 17 SDGs with greater focus on SDG 2, 5, 8 and 10. We are now taking steps towards SDG 14 and 16 for comprehensive social, environmental and economic impact.

This has been made possible by our partners like UNICEF, Glenmark Foundation, US Consulate, Tata Capital, Eureka Forbes, British Council, and others who have entrusted us and together worked to achieve the SDG targets throughout the country and beyond. With projects ranging from solar plants to tea gardens, Hygiene and sanitation to Nutrition and Water, and recently, social protection for COVID relief, we’ve been able to reimagine impact, at scale and sustainably.

One such partnership has been with the World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) during the Rise World Summit 2021 for a roundtable on the ‘Accountability for the SDGs’. It was an opportunity to discuss and ideate alongside allies and stakeholders, the need to bridge the awareness gap on the SDGs as well as plans to achieve them. Deeper dialogues led to the importance of localized inputs, traditional as well as non-traditional partnerships to achieve SDGs. Above all, the point that private sector had a key role to play in achieving the SDGs and hence should be held accountable. For this to happen, they also need to be motivated and brought into multi-stakeholder initiatives which again links to SDG 17, partnerships for the goal. This is also closely aligned with our vision of becoming a thought leader and catalyst for innovations and collaborations that benefit people and the planet.

By becoming an Ally, joining other great institutions in WBA, we intend to build our expertise by leveraging the insights gained from the different WBA reports, be it gender, human rights, digital or financial. We also hope to learn from WBA’s Seven system transformation and Theory of Change (TOC) that echo our models for impact be it our TOC that seeks to advocate, engage and strategise to overcome systemic barriers and provide market-based solutions, or the RISE framework driven by the RISE shared values to forge alliances. Idobro has adopted a human-centric approach based on the roles stakeholders play in the ecosystem: Partners, Entrepreneurs and Citizens. We now look forward to identifying allies in these roles and collaborate alongside WBA, to gain support for local initiatives with global outcomes.  As the Idobro’s i5 model demonstrates, Together, we multiply impact. Read more on the RISE Summit here

Written by: Deepak Nanda, Senior Impact Associate- Communications and Technology, Idobro Impact Solutions

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