Strengthening the CHRB’s approach going forward

The CHRB is conducting a year-long review of its Methodology, in parallel to the 2020 assessment. The review is an opportunity to reflect on the past three years of applying the CHRB Methodology and to gather feedback from a diverse range of stakeholders, with a view to strengthening the CHRB’s approach going forward. The purpose of the review is not to fundamentally change the CHRB’s methodology and approach, but rather to improve it, based on learnings and inputs from the past few years and the review process.

A cornerstone of the CHRB’s approach is actively listening and responding to stakeholders as part of an ongoing engagement process to ensure relevance and credibility. For this reason, the 2020 methodology review will include two rounds of global multi-stakeholder consultations, through which we are hoping to receive inputs representing a diverse set of stakeholders and geographies.

In the first round (May – July) we are looking to gather comments and suggestions with minimum framing so not to restrict the inputs we receive. Based on the recommendations received and on desk-based research, the CHRB team will draft a revised methodology and make specific suggestions regarding the Benchmark going forward. In the second round of consultations (Q4) we will seek more specific comments on these proposed changes.

The final revised methodology and process will be finalised in Q1 2021 and applied from 2021 onwards.

Consultation Round I (May-July)  

Due to the Covid-19 pandemics and associated restrictions on travel, the consultations take place online. We are seeking feedback through:

  • Bilateral calls
  • Online roundtables
  • An online questionnaire: accessible here (update: the original deadline to fill out the questionnaire was extended from 31 July to 14 August 2020)

In order to support these conversations, participants can download this framing document, which highlights topics and questions we would like to receive input on. These are meant to support the consultation discussions but should not be seen as an exhaustive list, as we welcome comments and suggestions on any additional topics.

How to participate: Please get in touch with us through info[at] if you would like to participate in the consultations.

Consultation Round II (Q4) 

In the second round of consultations, the CHRB will seek comments on a draft revised methodology and specific suggestions for the benchmark going forward.

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