Request for proposals for WBA’s new self-assessment tool

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The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) is a global non-profit organisation with physical offices in Amsterdam and London. We aim to drive the private sector’s engagement in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through benchmarking, envisioning a future where companies, investors, governments, civil society and individuals can quickly and easily compare businesses’ sustainability performance.

Using our methodologies we regularly assess a sample of 2000 “keystone” companies, producing benchmarks which rank their performance against each another. In doing so, we collect detailed learnings on where the corporate sector is performing well, and where there is room for improvement.

In the five years we have been operating under this model, we have frequently received feedback that companies outside our keystone sample want to understand their performance, see how they rank relative to their peers and benefit from our learnings. However, carrying out assessments is time consuming, and a degree of background knowledge regarding the methodologies is necessary to score companies accurately.

We have determined that the best way to meet this need is with a self-assessment platform, wherein companies and other stakeholders are able to complete their own assessments in a user-friendly, guided fashion. In future iterations of the platform, there will be a monetisation element to different tasks to be performed by users.

Expectations of the proposal:

We expect that your proposal will, first and foremost, outline both your suggested plan for meeting the deliverables in the RFP as well as providing examples of your previous experience in building similar tools. The description of your approach should be accompanied by a cost estimate and case studies and/or references.

Any requests for clarifications may be sent to

Responses to this RFP should be sent to this same address no later than 19 June 2024.

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