Phased approach for the Gender Benchmark in times of COVID-19

Since the launch of our Gender Benchmark methodology on 31 March, we’ve connected with a number of target companies who have expressed concern around their ability to deliver to our original timelines given the immediate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking into account these concerns, we will undertake a phased approach and plan to publish the following:

  1. Baseline report of gender in the apparel industry (September 2020)
    This report will review the current level of data disclosure regarding gender equality and women’s empowerment in the apparel sector and will be based on publicly available information only. It will include industry-wide findings and good practices, company-level profiles, and an overview of company responses to COVID-19.
  2. First iteration of the Gender Benchmark (exact timing to be confirmed, with an aim for Q1 2021)
    This publication will include a full ranking and detailed company scorecards, as well as the scoring guidelines used to determine them. It will be based on both publicly available information as well as internal documents provided by companies.

In Q4 2020, WBA’s Gender team will be hosting (virtual) multi-stakeholder convenings focused on specific gender issues (e.g., Health & well-being; Violence & harassment) based on the findings of the baseline report. These sessions can highlight practical steps that companies can already begin to take in their journey toward gender equality and women’s empowerment and guide companies to the resources they could consult.

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