See 2021 Digital Inclusion Benchmark


Multi-stakeholder collaboration for responsible and ethical artificial intelligence

Official event of the World Summit on the Information Society Forum (WSIS) 2022

Thursday, 14 April 2022 (2 pm – 3pm CEST)


Digital Inclusion Benchmark

The World Benchmarking Alliance’s (WBA) 2021 Digital Inclusion Benchmark assessed the contribution of 150 of the world’s most influential digital technology companies under four measurement areas; access, skills, use and innovation.

The results show that whilst many digital companies spent pages citing the benefits and potentials of artificial intelligence (AI), few seemed concerned about the risks involved such as job losses, privacy, human rights, among others. Just 20 out of 150 commit to publicly available principles for ethical AI. This number is chilling given the growing evidence of the human rights implications of AI in areas such as facial recognition and algorithmic placement of incendiary information. Without ethical AI principles, digital companies are driving a future where people will have less agency, face potential job loss and experience inadvertent bias.

The event

This workshop, which falls under the World Summit on the Information Society Forum’s (WSIS 2022), ICTs and Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Development and ICTs for Industry track will discuss multi-stakeholder approaches needed to ensure commitment to and implementation of ethical AI principles by the technology companies. Panellists drawn from investor groups, civil society and the private sector will also discuss the importance of ethical AI principles and their implementation.


  • Vincent Kaufmann, CEO, Ethos Foundation
  • Celestia O’Neill, Research Analyst, EthicsGrade
  • Toshikazu Imada-san, Senior Manager AI Ethics, Sony
  • Lourdes Montenegro, Lead Digital Sector Transformation, WBA
  • Charlotte Marres, Policy Analyst, Universal Rights Group (URG) – Moderator
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