Collective Impact Coalition for Digital Inclusion

How can stakeholders leverage common interests to Advance Responsible and Ethical AI?

Monday, 22 May 2023 – 8:15am EDT | 2:15pm CEST

Ethical Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a critical area of digital inclusion that requires systems change as identified by the World Benchmarking Alliance’s (WBA) most recent Digital Inclusion Benchmark (DIB) findings 

Out of 200 technology companies assessed in 2022-2023, only 44 companies reported using a publicly available framework for ethical AI. The lack of voluntary adoption of ethical AI principles ultimately points to the need for multi-stakeholder collaborations to create awareness around this issue and drive systemic change.  

The Collective Impact Coalition (CIC) for Digital inclusion provides a space for WBA Allies and stakeholders to take forward cross-sector, collaborative action based on data and evidence provided by DIB. 

Roundtable Discussion on Responsible and Ethical AI 

This virtual roundtable will bring together multi-stakeholders to discuss how they can leverage common interests in addressing the lack of commitment to ethical AI principles by most digital technology companies, as highlighted in WBA’s 2023 Digital Inclusion Benchmark results. 


  • Nicholas Sewe, Engagement Manager, World Benchmarking Alliance  

Lead Discussants 

  • Jan Rydzak, Lead Digital Sector Transformation, World Benchmarking Alliance 
  • Lauren Compere, Managing Director and Head of Shareowner Engagement, Boston Common Asset Management 
  • Caitlin Kraft-Buchman, CEO/Founder Women at the Table 
  • Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia, AI Ethics Expert, SAP 
  • Shamira Ahmed, Executive Director, Data Economy Policy Hub (DepHUB)


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