Benchmarking the 100 most influential ICT companies to drive digital inclusion globally

We are taking the launch of the methodology for the Digital Inclusion Benchmark online. On Thursday 16 April from 16:00-18:00 CET we will hold a virtual landmark conversation, bringing together speakers and attendees from across the world.

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Now more than ever

It is important we continue to look out and care for one another. The coronavirus pandemic has underscored more than ever the power and potential of digital technologies for social good. Where it is available, broadband connectivity has helped keep economies afloat in the face of quarantine and social distancing measures, by allowing part of the workforce to continue remotely and students to continue their learning online. In exemplary cases, digital technology is literally saving lives. For us it highlights the need to work together to achieve the challenges addressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The aim of this session

Explore how the methodology creates a roadmap for practical, coherent and measurable stakeholder actions towards inclusive digitalisation. We’ll then look to the launch of the benchmark in November 2020 to consider how the data and insights will empower all stakeholders to hold companies accountable as leaders in the digital transformation.

The shape of the session

moderated by Greg Francis – Managing Director at Access Partnership

  • Launching the Digital Inclusion benchmark methodology by Lourdes O. Montenegro – Lead Digital Inclusion Benchmark at the World Benchmarking Alliance
  • A roadmap to inclusive digitalisation: Stakeholder perspectives, opportunities and challenges
  • Moderated dialogue
  • Interventions by Mette Gonggrijp – Ambassador Gender Equality & Women’s Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Netherlands and by Claire Scharwatt –Director of Policy and Advocacy, GSMA
  • Empowering stakeholders to drive action and impact: benchmark use, implications and outcomes
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