Stories of our Alliance

In September 2021, the World Benchmarking Alliance launched the “Stories of the Alliance” campaign to chronicle the impact created by our 280+ strong global and multi-stakeholder Alliance. Through this campaign, organisations shared their stories on how they create global, local and regional impact through their work, all in line with inspiring a movement towards corporate accountability for the SDGs.

Take a look below at the various stories shared by our Allies.

Snapshot stories:

Read a storybook that chronicles snapshot stories of six Allies (5 minute read each)!

  1. Fidelity International
  2. Climate Disclosure Standards Board (CDSB)
  3. Global Child Forum
  4. Matter
  6. Good Business Lab

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Written stories:

Click below to read stories submitted by Allies from around the world in blog form (2 minute reads)!

  1. Together, we multiply impact“, by Idobro Impact Solutions
  2. Bringing the voices of women workers to the fore: gender inclusivity in garment factories“, by Good Business Lab
  3. Why benchmarks matter for climate-smart business“, by CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)
  4. It is time for the “S” in ESG to take centre stage“, by Maturity Institute

Video stories:

Click the below playlist to see each short video (2 min watch each)!

  1. Predistribution Initiative
  2. Inspired Companies
  3. The Consumer Goods Forum
  4. Verity Platforms
  5. Foretica
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Quote stories:

Our Allies shared quotes echoing how they feel about being a part of this community. See quotes by the following organisations (1 min watch)!

  1. Responsible Business Initiative for Justice
  2. Samhita Social Ventures
  3. Foretica
  4. The Industry We Want
  5. Consumer Goods Forum
  6. Global Social Impact Investments
  7. Verity Platforms

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