Project AGM: Company updates for investor voting at Annual General Meetings

About the project

Proxy voting is a core part of an asset manager’s fiduciary duty. It’s a tool for clear and effective investment stewardship and is a way that asset managers can send clear signals to companies on social, environmental and governance issues.  

The World Benchmarking Alliance is now piloting the publication of 1 page company-specific updates on companies’ covered in the Climate and Energy Benchmarks. This website page will be updated on a weekly basis and the 1 page document will be published 3 weeks before a company’s Annual General Meeting, which is the moment when asset managers can vote on both company filed and shareholder filed resolutions.  

Alongside the research and publication of these company-specific updates, WBA is now also building links with other NGOs and actors working in the AGM eco-system to ensure these company specific insights are useful and used for voting activities. As it is a pilot year for this work we welcome feedback and suggestions.

Those reading and using the 1-page company updates are also encouraged to refer to the last full company assessment and rankings, which can be found by navigating to the Benchmark tab at the top of this page.  

If you would like to discuss in more detail about Project AGM, or any other investor engagement inquiries, please contact Nikki Gwilliam-Beeharee at

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