Leading practices

Governance and strategy | Leading practices from the 2021 Seafood Stewardship Index

Governance and strategy

This measurement area focuses on the integration of sustainable development objectives and targets into seafood companies’ core strategy, business model and governance structure. It captures companies’ overall commitment to sustainable development, with a focus on seafood-specific environmental and social issues. It aims to assess the extent to which companies’ highest governing bodies can be held responsible and accountable for their progress on targets, as well as their stakeholder engagement activities and how outcomes are incorporated in their business strategy reviews.

Stakeholder engagement

Companies are part of society, at global and local levels, directly and indirectly impacting the environment, global health, as well as the lives of workers, consumers and communities around the world. Regularly engaging with stakeholders -such as local communities, governments, academia, business partners, investors and non-governmental organisations – contributes to a company’s understanding of diverse and frequently opposing perspectives, potentially driving innovation and supporting the development of robust and inclusive practices.

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