Our goal is to set up an international benchmarking coalition using a common methodology to assess the food and agriculture sector on key topics underpinning food systems transformation. This toolkit is intended for organisations such as NGOs, civil society organisations and research institutions who want to assess the food and agriculture sector in their own countries, aligned with global standards and metrics. It includes a description of the methodology developed by World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) and The Food Foundation and case studies on how to use a benchmark to create change.

Why a toolkit

Companies across the food value chain have a role to play in driving change in the food system. If we want to assess food and agriculture businesses across the globe, we need a consistent way of measuring their behaviour. This section describes the benefits of using a common methodology and introduces the organisations involved.

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Understanding the methodology

WBA and The Food Foundation collaborated to develop a common methodology to assess companies on key topics underpinning the food systems transformation. This section includes an overview of the methodology, the scope, indicators and processes behind the benchmark.

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How to use the toolkit

Find out how you can use the methodology and apply it to your own country. This section also includes a more detailed example on how The Food Foundation implemented a national benchmark in the UK.

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Making an impact

There are key stakeholder groups with whom you can engage to create change in the food industry based on the results of a benchmark. This section describes how these stakeholders can use a benchmark and includes some case studies of where this is having an impact.

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Get in touch

If you are interested in implementing your own national benchmark and being part of this international benchmarking coalition, please get in touch. WBA and Food Foundation are keen to support you and share our experiences.

About our coalition partner The Food Foundation

The Food Foundation is a UK-based charity with a vision for a sustainable food system that can deliver health and wellbeing for all. Collaboration is at the core of how they work, giving them strong relationships with a variety of stakeholders across the private sector, in government, with citizens, other NGOS.  Our Plating Up Progress work, started in 2018, tracks progress within the UK food industry, towards a healthy, just and sustainable food system and engages with businesses, investors and the government to create change.

To find out more about their work in this coalition, please contact Chloe MacKean.

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