Olumide is a Nigerian climate change champion. He advocates for environmental consciousness and champions a balanced approach to development and environmental conservation. He is equally passionate about development as he is about climate change and environmental conservation efforts. His conservation work spans various platforms. He has been actively involved in climate change advocacy for the last 12 years and is strategically positioned to engage younger and older generations through his articles, active participation in climate change groups and the use of social media where he is popularly known as ‘Mr Climate’

Olumide is the co-founder/CEO of the International Climate Change Development Initiative, a non-governmental institution that seeks to grow climate-smart generations across Africa while addressing gaps in development. He is also the Youth Focal Point in Nigeria for UNDP Small Grant Program, Youth Lead Author Global Environmental Outlook (GEO6) & Executive Coordinator for African Youth Initiative on Climate Change. He is an alumnus of the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) to the United State of America and the Atlas Corps Fellow.

Responding to climate threats requires collective action. Government must provide leadership by creating and championing a framework with clear goals, roles & responsibilities. Every action will make the SDGs possible if we set our priorities right.

Olumide Idowu Co-Founder and CEO, International Climate Change Development Initiative
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