Lisa is an internationally recognised business and thought leader and author of the book Inspired INC.: Become a company the world will get behind. 

As Vice President at Nike, she has worked internationally for almost 2 decades holding global leadership roles across Apparel, Corporate Strategy, Sales and Retail and the Nike Foundation. As founder and chief strategist of Inspired Companies Lisa and her team advise and support large scale purpose-led business transitions with prominent global brands and across a range of industries. Inspired Companies was created to remind us what the best of the corporate sector looks like and reset the bar for companies to deliver on it in a way that creates distinctive, resilient brands.

Transformation in the corporate sector is pivotal to achieving the SDGs. The good news is that thanks to social media connectivity, consumers, employees and a range of other business stakeholders now hold companies to entirely new standards of account. The best of the corporate sector is rising to the challenge and others will have no option but to follow their lead or risk irrelevance.

Lisa MacCallum Founder and Chief Strategist, Inspired Companies
Prior to joining NIKE, Lisa co-founded a Tokyo-based multi-media and executive education company, Business Breakthrough, Inc. Lisa is an ESG Advisory Board member of KAO Corporation Japan; non-executive Director of Bond University Australia Limited and Limeade Limited. She served as Board Committee member of British Telecom PLC’s Corporate Sustainability Agenda between 2015 to 2019; is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader alumni and founding Chair of the World Sporting Goods Industry’s Physical Activity Agenda.  

Lisa loves ocean swimming, beach running, kids sports and the best of humanity. She lives in Australia with her husband and son. 

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