WBA assessment of food and agriculture companies part of G7 pledge to improve on SDGs

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In 2021, the G7, presided over by the UK, launched the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative (SSCI), convening global food and agriculture companies to pledge to improve the environmental, social and nutritional impact of their operations and supply chains. The objective is to accelerate global progress towards the SDGs and, more specifically, propel an agricultural transformation that will lead to a more sustainable, inclusive and resilient sector. Learn more about the initiative at the OECD website

The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) assessed the progress companies made to deliver on their pledge. Today we publish the results comparing their performance to the results of the 2021 Food and Agriculture Benchmark.

Corporate accountability helps drive change

Over three-quarters of companies assessed made progress on at least one topic deemed crucial for food systems transformation. Moreover, all companies improved their public disclosure by publishing relevant reports or policies. This is reason for optimism, as companies are on their journey to improve their actions and impact to key topics in the food systems transformation agenda. This report aims to inspire these companies, and others, to step up their efforts. Its insights will help inform businesses and governments on where they need to work together to realise the agricultural transformation required.

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