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2020 Performance Update of the Automotive Benchmark

We are pleased to announce that today we launched the results of the 2020 Performance Update of the Automotive Benchmark. The Automotive Benchmark measures and ranks the world’s leading auto manufacturers. Will they meet the well below 2-degree goal set by the Paris Agreement? Are they doing what’s necessary to move to a low-carbon economy?

Rising sea levels, record high temperatures, severe flooding and droughts: the climate crisis has reached a critical juncture. In this state of play, the transport industry is responsible for 15 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Within this, the automotive sector has a crucial role to play in moving the world towards a low- carbon future. Racing towards the fifth anniversary of the Paris Agreement in 2020 and quickly approaching COP26 in 2021, car companies can choose to lead on decarbonisation, by committing to and actively pursuing ambitious emissions reduction targets.

In 2019, we launched our first iteration of the Automotive Benchmark, which measured the progress of 25 keystone companies in the sector towards the goals of the Paris Agreement.

In 2020, we refreshed the results of this Benchmark with a Performance Update, and assessed the same 25 companies and 5 new ones in the sector on their progress towards low-carbon leadership and ambition.

2020 Performance Update of the Automotive Benchmark

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