Webinar: Launch of Digital Inclusion Benchmark Insights Report

24 March 2022 at 3pm CET/2pm GMT


The World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) launched the 2021 Digital Inclusion Benchmark results at the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on 7th December 2021. The benchmark’s second iteration of the results assessed the contribution of 150 of the world’s most influential digital technology companies to achieving digital inclusion. Read the 2021 Digital Inclusion Benchmark results

The companies were assessed on four measurement areas; Enhancing universal access to digital technologies; Improving all levels of digital skills; Fostering trustworthy use by mitigating risks and harms; Innovating openly, inclusively, and ethically.

The 2021 results show that most tech companies still aren’t taking their responsibility to ensure that people are able to use technology – and in a way that benefits them – seriously. A handful is leading the way with robust child safety commitments or ethical principles regarding artificial intelligence. However, most of the world’s most powerful and influential aren’t displaying the maturity that the world expects of them to ensure that they help, rather than hinder our progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Event

The Digital Inclusion Benchmark Insights Report will be launched at a webinar on Thursday, 24th March 2022 from 3pm CET. The research team will present the key findings of the benchmark in detail and will answer questions from the audience after the presentations. We will also have speakers who will make interventions on actions needed to achieve digital inclusion.


  • Christine Chow, Head of Stewardship, HSBC Asset Management Limited
  • Afiq Fitri, Data Journalist, New Statesman Media Group
  • Ida McDonnell, Team Lead, OECD’s Development Cooperation Report
  • Steve Crown, Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Human Rights, Microsoft
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