WBA co-hosts a parallel session with our Ally CRB at UNGA 2020

At UNGA 2020, World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA) is co-hosting a parallel event with our Ally Centre for Responsible Business (CRB) titled “Private Sector Contribution to the Decade of Action: Catalysing Collaboration Across the Global North and South”. To be held on 30th September 2020, the event will explore how we can ensure closer alignment between the North & South to facilitate concerted and accelerated action on sustainability, how international businesses and their partners can expect to collaborate post COVID-19 given changes to global value chains, what kinds of collaborative models/approaches have worked, and how future collaborations & stakeholder engagements are likely to develop.

What is the context? 

As the international community steps into the Decade of Action for the SDGs, the crucial role of the private sector towards the achievement of sustainable development is increasingly being realised and promoted globally. As economic activity gradually resumes, it is imperative to reimagine new and transformative global partnerships with the business community, investors, and other stakeholders that will get countries back on track on the SDGs; help create a more just, green, inclusive and sustainable world; and build resilience in the face of future crises.

Who is on the panel?

The panel will comprise leading practitioners and opinion leaders from India together with distinguished international practitioners/scholars on the subject.

Welcome Remarks by: 

  • Gerbrand Haverkamp, CEO, World Benchmarking Alliance (WBA)
  • Rijit Sengupta, CEO, Centre for Responsible Business (CRB)

Moderated by:

  • Rijit Sengupta, CEO, Centre for Responsible Business (CRB)


  • Shubha Shekhar, Director, Human Rights, Eurasia & North Africa, Coca Cola
  • Namit Agarwal, Regional Public Policy Lead (Asia), WBA
  • Manfred Max Bergman, Chair – Social Research and Methodology, University of Basel
  • Crispin Conroy, International Chamber of Commerce, Representative Director
  • Mathieu Lamolle, Senior Advisor, Sustainability Standards & Value Chains, International Trade Centre

Summary & Closing Remarks by: 

  • Devyani Hari, Director, CRB
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