Virtual launch: Urban Benchmark Methodology

We are pleased to invite you to the virtual launch of our Urban Benchmark Methodology on Tuesday, 5 March 2024. This launch will take place over the course of two sessions: 

Session 1: (Asia and Africa), 15.00-16.00 GMT+7/ 12.00 – 13.00 GMT+4 (Short link: http://surl.li/qmnvq) 

Session 2: (Europe and North America), 15.00-16.00 GMT+1/ 09.00-10.00 GMT-5 (Short link: http://surl.li/qmnyt)  

Using this methodology, the Urban Benchmark will assess and rank the 300 companies with the most impact on urban environments – including real estate developers and managers, construction and engineering firms, transportation companies and companies in the utility sectors – according to how well they ensure sustainable and equitable cities.

With 55% of the world’s population currently residing in urban centres, addressing the intersection of social, economic and environmental issues within our urban environments will be essential to achieving the SDGs. The companies covered by this methodology are currently playing essential roles in shaping our cities, from providing housing to accessible public transport to basic services.

On 31st of January 2024, WBA released the first iteration of its new Urban Benchmark methodology. This marked an important step in WBA’s goal of transforming Sustainable Development Goal 11, the New Urban Agenda and other global commitments and industry disclosure standards into a cross-cutting methodology. This revised methodology follows a series of stakeholder consultations held since, both virtual and in-person, during WBA’s Allies Assembly in Mexico City as well as at the 8th Asia-Pacific Urban Forum in South Korea. The Urban Benchmark uses 24-urban specific indicators to examine four main areas: governance and strategy, inclusive cities, healthy cities and climate change and resilience

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Get in touch with Tony Hartanto Widjarnarso, Urban Benchmark Lead, World Benchmarking Alliance at t.widjarnarso@worldbenchmarkingalliance.org

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