Urge mandatory emissions disclosure by companies to achieve decarbonisation goals

In collaboration with our Ally Friends of the Earth (HK), we recently submitted considerations and suggestions as inputs to Beijing’s National Energy Administration public consultation on the 14th Five Year Plan. We support the notion that a ‘clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system’ is a vital ‘foundation and driving force for modernisation’ and transition towards a low-carbon future.

We believe that the private sector has a crucial role in delivering the ambitions set out in the 14th Five-Year-Plan and in establishing a socialist market economy. Some of the key points from our submission were:

  1. Support the drive for ‘energy technology innovation’ through corporate target setting to increase ambition, production and sales of new energy vehicles.
  2. Decarbonisation of electricity generation companies can support the guarantee of energy security’ and building of smart energy systems.
  3. Comprehensively deepen ‘energy reform’  and national low-carbon development through robust national climate policy and low-carbon ambition, supported through corporate transparency and disclosures.
  4. Drive forward coherent, evidence-based ‘energy green and low carbon development’ at regional and global levels through mandatory reporting and disclosure which can be leverage through sustainability standards, science-based targets and benchmarks.


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