Join us at the One Planet network’s Sustainable Food Systems Programme

The World Benchmarking Alliance is organising a ‘Measuring Transformation’ session at the conference The Transformation We Need. Co-organised by the One Planet Network Sustainable Food Systems Programme and the UN Food Systems Coordination Hub and hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Viet Nam in Hanoi. It takes place from 24 – 27 April in Vietnam and our session is on 24 April.

This session will highlight the importance of benchmarks and accountability mechanisms in strengthening national pathways toward sustainable food systems within the UNFSS follow-up process. The session will demonstrate how these mechanisms can help national governments implement their food systems transition pathways and hold relevant actors accountable.

How to participate: You are invited to register here for virtual participation. If you plan on attending in person and would like to get in touch, please get in touch with Rayan Kassem.

About the conference ‘The Transformation We Need’

The conference will be virtually broadcasted via livestream, open to everyone. In addition, a limited number of participants representing national and sub-national governments, civil society organizations, farmers associations, scientific organizations, UN Food Systems Summit (UN FSS) Coalitions, youth organizations and a range of further food systems actors are invited.

The conference will contribute to the 2023 Stocktaking Moment of the UN Food Systems Summit follow-up process, by focusing on how food systems need to be transformed to overcome the multiple deeply rooted and interlinked crises of climate, biodiversity, conflict, energy, prices, hunger, malnutrition, and health to achieve the SDGs.


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