Ranking the 100 most influential tech companies on digital inclusion

Group of people using mobile technologies during the coronavirus pandemic

On Tuesday 1 December and Wednesday 2 December we will unveil the first-ever corporate Digital Inclusion Benchmark. Are you curious to know which amongst the 100 most influential digital technology companies are leaders or laggards in improving access to technology, enhancing digital skills, fostering trustworthy use, and innovating openly and ethically? Attend one of our launch sessions! More information about the Digital Inclusion Benchmark

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the consequences of digital exclusion on health outcomes, education, and incomes, demonstrating the many ways the growing digital divide is hindering the achievement of sustainable development. Digital technology companies have an outsized role, given their command of capital and technological expertise and their ownership of digital infrastructure across the world, from data centres and submarine cables to the platforms that have become indispensable to daily life.

To hold the digital sector accountable, WBA has ranked and scored digital technology companies on their actions towards digital inclusion. We will be hosting 2 launch events to enable us to reach our growing global community who have been vital partners in our journey so far and to reach new audiences.

Ranking the 100 most influential tech companies on digital inclusion: 2020 results

Join us on 1st December – 09:00 San Francisco / 12:00 New York / 17:00 London / 18:00 Amsterdam

Co-hosted with the UN Foundation, we shall convene individuals working to transform the digital sector from North and Latin America, Europe and Africa, featuring special remarks from the UN Under-Secretary-General Fabrizio Hochschild.

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Corporate action on digital inclusion: who is leading in the tech sector?

Join us on 2nd December – 09:00 Amsterdam / 13:30 Delhi / 16:00 Singapore / 17:00 Tokyo / 19:00 Sydney

Together with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore and GSMA, the virtual launch event will welcome leading digital sector representatives from Europe and Asia to explore the benchmark’s findings; with interventions from Karin Hulshof, UNICEF’s Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific and other leading digital sector transformation actors.

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