Mapping the landscape for the Food and Agriculture Benchmark

The Food and Agriculture Benchmark will be the first of its kind to benchmark keystone companies across the entirety of the food system, from farm to fork. It will cover the multiple dimensions where transformation is needed: sustainable production, healthy diets and nutrition as well as social inclusion.

Many building blocks for agenda, targets and roadmaps that will lead us towards a more sustainable food system are already out there, and as such many organisations are strongly contributing towards our shared goal. However, the number and diversity of initiatives surrounding the food and agriculture system is complex, with a broad range of stakeholders that is continuously growing. Mapping the landscape of actors and identifying which stakeholders, initiatives and frameworks exist and are already shaping this field is an indispensable component for the Food and Agriculture Benchmark.

To start our methodology development process, we have reviewed and mapped around 50 existing benchmarks and accountability mechanisms to scope out the key topics across the three dimensions of nutrition, environment and social inclusion the Food and Agriculture Benchmark aims to focus on. We have also identified a range of relevant business platforms with programs across the three dimensions for further expertise and engagement throughout the methodology development process.

Take a look at the list of initiatives we have mapped, our latest methodology framework and issues put forward to be included in the Food and Agriculture Benchmark. We welcome you to be part of this process. Please join the conversation.

[PDF 0] : Presentation of our findings

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