First consultation SSI successfully completed

During an 8-weeks’ public consultation we invited stakeholders to reflect on the draft methodology for our Seafood Stewardship Index. As the methodology is a rather ‘technical’ document, we were delighted to see so many external organisations sharing their views on it with us! The methodology, once final, will be used to assess and benchmark the world’s 30 largest seafood companies. No less than >30% of those provided feedback to it. This next to feedback from NGOs (11 in total), with a focus on ecology, as well as others which looked at it from the social/societal angle. In addition to that we received feedback from 1 academic/researcher and 1 scholar. All feedback as we received it can be found in the document available here. We will now process all feedback and will make public how we processed it into our final methodology. Final methodology is expected to be published in April 2019. The first edition of our Seafood Stewardship Index (report) is planned to be launched end of 2019. This will show how the world’s largest seafood companies contribute to Seafood Stewardship, as well as how this relates to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

[LINK 0] : Feedback to draft methodology Seafood Stewardship Index

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